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Author page: Press secretary

new quantum semiconductor

German scientists present topologically coated quantum semiconductor

What the new quantum semiconductor means for industry German scientists have developed a quantum semiconductor that is immune to interference. The researchers achieved this by exploiting a topological quantum phenomenon. They have published their discovery in the journal Nature Physics. Semiconductors are essential elements in electronics. They control the movement of the electrons that make…

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experience mapping

Experience mapping: a tool for improving personalisation

Why companies need to use experience mapping In a fiercely competitive marketplace, regularly improving the customer experience is critical. Companies are looking for an integrated approach to increase loyalty and encourage customer interaction. In this context, experience mapping is an effective tool for identifying and capturing key customer interaction points. An experience map visually represents…

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video through animals' eyes

A team of scientists has presented video through animals’ eyes

Special equipment can capture video through animals' eyes Advanced technology is allowing people to relive experiences previously thought to be inaccessible. British researchers from the University of Sussex collaborated with American scientists from the Hanley Colour Laboratory. They have learned how to create videos through animals' eyes. Scientists have developed a camera system that transmits…

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